Monday, February 15, 2016

"Stay tuned to find out more...." Um. No.

Have you ever thought how silly the news sounds these days? They give you 25% of the weather then have the nerve to tell us that we have to wait to find out the rest.


Gone are those days where you didn't have much choice. You either had to wait to find out or you didn't find out. They were in control and they knew it. They had this power over you like the horrible school master who ruled with an iron fist. They had but not now.

Now I sit in a suspension of disbelief when they have the gall to tell us to wait. No! I'm not going to wait at all. I'm going to turn off the TV and head to my computer. It'll take me all of five seconds to click the bookmark and tada! Now I can see what the weather is. It makes me want to take a selfie with my computer's weather and post it on Twitter @myTVstations and scream, "Guess who isn't waiting?! Screw you @myTVstations!

I do however find it funny that they think this still works. Oh how those who obtain power cannot relinquish control! Once they have this power, they think it will always be their way. Then when they see it isn't, then they have the nerve to sound surprised.

Gee, the Lost franchise had a rude awakening when one of the producers (or whatever she was) in one of the extras of their DVD blithely commented that our complaints about repeats were misguided. "Um, that's not how it works," she scolded us.

Guess who had the last laugh? Viewership dropped tremendously the following year. Hmmm. When people start telling you they don't like something you can't just say too bad and deal with it. You have to make adjustments. The next year, if I have my timing correct, they were forced to announce that the following season they would have fewer episodes and they would run straight through. Gee, the people had spoken. They were tired of only 1-4 episodes then repeats. They didn't listen and scolded us, but clearly the viewership won the argument.

Maybe she was fired for it, but hey, they were the ones that let her say it on the DVD!

It reminds me of a particular politician named Cynthia McKinney. The funny part to this is that I don't even remember what it was that she did, but I emailed her saying that I disagreed with her stance and since she was supposed to be representing whites as well as blacks, she needed to listen to me. I didn't even get a response.

I emailed her again and told her that she was risking losing the election over this, but it fell on deaf ears. Guess what happened? Republicans decided to oust the bitch and so we went in and voted in the Democratic primary AGAINST her. That's right. We were willing to vote for Democrats, just to get her out of office. She tried filing lawsuits when she realized what had happened and that she lost to a better opponet. She lost everything.

She tried to get the law changed because Georgia does not restrict your voting for the party that you claim you belong to, and rightly so. By doing that, you're suppressing our right to vote for who we believe in and against those who we don't, despite party. McKinney was such a loser all the way around that she ended up have to pack it up and leave Georgia, the place where she was born and bred. She switched to a green party (which she didn't give a crap about) and ran off to California. Good riddance. She turned into their problem after that.

The point here is that when you get all high and mighty, and you forget that nothing is ever owed to you and just because you think you have power and you really don't, you will be taken down. You WILL go down. It may not happen tomorrow or the next, but it will happen. Cynthia McKinney will tell you it's true, if she's even over it yet.

It's just like Microsoft. They refused to make Internet Explorer better, despite the millions of complaints. People wrote them, complained, tried to get support and Microsoft acted as though they hadn't heard anything. Then along came Firefox... then Chrome... then IE was dead. Microsoft had the nerve to act surprised. Again, they just assumed that everyone would use what they wanted us to use and then to their dismay, they realized that wasn't the case.

Then they started noticing that the number of Windows users were depleting too. Granted, they were still ahead but a large number defected to a free operating system known as Ubuntu. This woke them up and their "fix" was Vista which turned out to be a bust. Then they tried to push out 7 not long after then when they moved up to 8 they saw a tremendous outcry of hate, but I have to give them credit. They listened this time. They even allowed 8 users to upgrade to 10.

I'm still not happy with 10 but anything is better than 8. Even Vista was better than 8. At least Microsoft learned its lesson and began the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" camp and updated their browser (which still needs work) and they started listening again. They've been cowed but they've come through it well. They still have the lead and they'll keep it so long as they don't get too comfortable again.

Google started out interested in what users wanted. It's why people flocked to them. Unfortunately, Google is the new Microsoft and now they're doing what Microsoft is and forgetting about the users. Their end date is coming quickly too if they don't get back on the user bandwagon.

Yes, I went into a rambling rant but at least I feel better. The whole idea here is to never get too comfortable in thinking you have power over the people. Never. Democrats need to learn this and so do news agencies. Too bad that some never learn.

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