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The Big Bang Theory's big secret in "The Valentino Submergence"

We are in season 9 and it's been a great 9 years so far! Last Thursday we were surprised by the teaser of this week's upcoming episode.

To my surprise, there isn't much people are saying about it. I'm not sure why, but I can say for certain what I think. I wrote an email to my husband today with my thoughts on the subject and thought I would share it here.

One thing very quickly before I go on. At one point I mentioned my husband's idea of Stewart jumping out of the hot tub. The synopsis was released and it said that Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in the hot tub. Everyone is wondering if Stewart really moved out and it makes sense that he'd be sleeping somewhere else. Especially since it's been revealed that he sneaks into their room at night.

Moving along, here is my theory. It's probably wrong, but I list my reasons (which I believe to be valid) as to why I believe what I do. Only time will tell!
I decided to start checking the news about The Big Bang Theory's secret. I'm actually pretty surprised that there aren't too many theories running around out there. Not to mention, people aren't really talking about it. I wonder why that is? There is more talk about its 200th episode then there is the secret. 
Speaking of which, there's a line up of a number of stars that are going to be on there for the 200th episode, which is going to air on the 25th. Adam West will guest star but Sara Gilbert will be back then of course Wil Wheaton and Kripke and finally Christine Baranski will visit again (is she dating Adam West?). 
So circling back around to the "secret". Big Bang offered examples and they were "the wedding", "the breakup" and "the hook up". All of those are pretty monumental but none are the definition of a secret. That is, not something that has been around a while but only now is coming out. 
For this reason, we can scratch out anything that isn't wildly HUGE like Leslie Winkle had Leonard's baby or Raj finds out that Wil Wheaton eloped with Emily. What they all have in common are pairs. Each are about couples and relationships so it has to be a relationship thing. This also means that it cannot be Penny's name. 
I don't think Raj's breakup with Emily will be huge. Emily isn't yet endeared to the fans as the other characters are; she's likable and cute, but not endeared. She also doesn't yet really fit into the group. She doesn't like Penny, she seems incapable of tolerance for Sheldon which is required if you're going to be part of their lives. She isn't a neat fit and they've already said aloud that Emily was never intended to be Raj's one true love. I think we can skip that one.
Anytime Sheldon makes a relationship move it takes time. However, to our utter dismay he was going to ask Amy to marry him but then was thwarted by reasons beyond his control. That said, given his history small steps take years for him. He just slept with Amy for the very first time so I think marriage is off the table for now. That'll have to hold us over for another year at least... according to Sheldon's history of course. 
That leaves Penny and Leonard or Bernadette and Howard. Yet, those two couples have already reached their 'closing the deal,' relationship wise. This means that for anything that moves the relationship forward, it has to be something that extends the relationship. The only answer I can think of that meets this criteria is pregnancy. 
As much as I love the impact it would present if Amy is pregnant, it would be yet another move forward too soon for Sheldon and Amy. I don't think that will be the case. 
Leonard and Penny having a baby also presents the shock value of a secret. To imagine Penny being a mom is like imagining a clown as a doctor. It's a bit worrisome. It definitely would qualify as a shocking secret. However, none of the criteria were shocking. We knew about the wedding, we knew that Amy would breakup with Sheldon a week before it happened and we knew a week before about their hookup. None of them had total shock value because they warned us ahead of time. This story is coming without a warning, except that it's a secret. For this reason, it must be more obvious than Leonard and Penny having a baby. 
The obvious couple for this is Howard and Bernadette. It's been an issue all along since before they even got married. Howard wants them, Bernie not so much. They're talking of redecorating the house, which could mean a nursery. They've talked about actually having children and Bernadette finally opened up and said... Gee, I can't remember what she said. Yes? Or was it still maybe? I think it was "we can try" in which case this means that secretly they've been trying. It seem so obvious that this would be the answer. There is a secret in there (they've been trying all this time) and there is the next big relationship move. 
I like your guess on Stewart in the hot tub and what if they're standing outside talking about it when Stewart jumps out all excited? That would be hilarious, but I digress. That's just wild speculation on my part. 
So! My prediction is that it's a little more underwhelming and that Bernie is pregnant OR it's revealed that they're trying, which is even more underwhelming.
Now what do you think? By the time many of you read this, it would have already aired. Do you remember the hearing about it? What did you think then?

Happy watching!


Update: I just read an article that explains the "surprise" in the hot tub. My husband was wrong, but is it a metaphor? If you want to read the spoiler, it's here.

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