Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's Rambles 24 Oct 2012

A little late, but better than never, eh? My poor puppy girl isn't feeling so hot today. She'll be okay though, so no worries.

Okay, let's just hop right in... I just don't understand why more people aren't seeing what a liar Obama really is. I'm glad Foxnews was able to find the truth. Obama is the most foolish president in history and his administration is full of clowns. It's shameful.

Let's forget for a moment how I cannot STAND Katie Couric and that fake smile of hers and her diminutive abilities. My dog has much more magnetism and better reporting skill than she does. No. Really.

I remember when NBC thought she was the absolute darling of morning television. "Hello?" I don't think so! Katie is not only boring, but she is opportunistic and artificial. I have to wonder why is Madeleine Stowe talking about Mel Gibson? I didn't see the interview and cannot seem to find out how this conversation evolved. Was Katie asking her about Gibson? Or did Stowe bring him up? Either way, unless Stowe's interview was directly related to Gibson, I think it is entirely inappropriate for either of them to discuss this.

Lizzie Borden House and tour guide.
The "most disappointing article I read today" award goes to America's Spookiest Houses. Clearly Adam Verwymeren really doesn't seem to know a lot about America's spooky houses. To begin with, the list is abnormally short, with a whopping (now wait for it) FOUR houses.

I will admit that the Lizzie Borden house (been there, done that) is definitely creepy. Combine that with the most interesting tour guide (points to the left) I've just about ever met, and you'll have a chopping good time! Pun, sickly intended.

I've also been to the Winchester Mystery House in California. In fact, I just went this past July. I'm not sure I'd call that spooky though. Just weird, maybe.

LaLaurie house and good son.
The one place though that definitely should have made the list,that was ignored, was the very creepy LaLaurie house in the French Quarter (which isn't all it's cracked up to be... the FQ I mean). There is not enough room here to describe why this needs to be included, nor is it a subject I really wish to discuss, it's just too grotesque for me. Suffice it to say that this one is most often considered the creepiest house in the country.

Oh, and that's my son standing in front of it (points to right).

Right off hand, I cannot think of anymore. Well there is the Myrtle house which is in Louisiana too. I've not yet been there, but I've seen a documentary on it.

Anyway, the point is that that list is definitely not the one to read up on. I'd just Google it, if I were you... and if you are even interested.

It's been a VERY long time since I've heard about Yo-Yo Ma. Glad to hear he's still around and about.

I want to give an award today to Scott Adams, author of the ever fun Dilbert. I am proud that though he may not actually be a conservative, I am impressed that he doesn't bend to his fellow liberal celebrities and their favorite media outlets. I just LOVE his updates. Very clever and well done, Mr. Adams! I adore you now more than ever before.

I don't know the reason behind his sudden declaration, but I can say one thing for sure. He got more free advertising because of it than anyone could ever hope for! Oh and before my words are twisted themselves, just a note here is that I am not implying anything. I refer you to the above paragraph. I truly praise him for his bravery and honesty.

On this day in 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph line. Did you know that the very first telegram ever sent was sent to good 'ol Honest Abe Lincoln himself. Not only that, but its subject was the Civil War too. Go figure. The first telegraph was the encouragement of war, and yet everyone says how war is not the answer these days. These same hypocrites, who say that very thing, think Lincoln was one of the best presidents this country ever had... and yet he was a war monger. Imagine that.

Again, before anyone twists my words (because word-twisting is a liberal's heroin), that doesn't mean I supported the Confederate cause. Well at least, not all of them. I support the right to succeed, end of story. It is not up to the rest of the country to "decide" if they will allow it or to decide moral issues. The people of every southern state had their rights violated by Lincoln with his tyrannical "you must stay in the union", stance.

I'm proud that I'm not afraid to say what I think. More people should join me on that.

So everyone, I hope you have a great day! Even if you are a liberal. :)

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