Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today's Rambles 25 Oct 2012

Morning everyone! I went to the movies last night and saw the Frankenstein double feature. It was AWEsome! I have some random thoughts on that subject, but first....

So, Rat Bastard is also a whine bag. No surprise there. Yeah, Sam was so suicidal that he's here to talk about it on the stand. *cough* He is perjuring himself by leaving off the end of the "I was there to protect Britney" sentence. Maybe he was interrupted, because that sentence should have been, "I was there to protect Britney's money, that I wanted for myself." See the difference there?

Again, I must add my disclaimer. If you Google magnoliasouth (careful, Google tries to correct you, so you may have to change what they auto change it to) AND britney spears, you'll see that I've not talked too kindly about her. In fact, I've only even discussed her over this whole Sam thing.

Call me a mom, but all I can do is think about my daughter. How would I feel if I saw that Rat Bastard was drugging up my daughter, who was in the middle of a very serious and public breakdown. Actually, you don't even have to mix those two reasons together. I would do just what her parents did if anyone was drugging my daughter and I would do just what her parents did if anyone was involved with the public meltdown of my daughter.

Sam is a lying, money grubbing, bastard. He should be in prison for kidnapping or false imprisonment. Attempted murder for the drugs he was giving her and all kinds of other charges.

In the end, I hate greedy slimy men who prey on women. Rat Bastard is at the top of that list.

The Color Me NOT Surprised Award of the day is given to... yet another Kennedy. What kind of Deliverance family is that anyway?

I have a love/hate relationship with Foxnews' slideshows. Some are really great, and others seem thrown together. Today's 'thrown together' is Beautiful Bond Girls. Come on, really? Grace Jones? In all my life, I've never once heard anyone say she's attractive. That right there caused the article to just fall apart.

Still, there is one name that should have been on there: Honor Blackman. Even her character name spells hot! Come on, you cannot say that Pussy Galore isn't one of the hottest of the Bond girls!

Also, and this is just a little bit of trivia, but would you believe that Honor was a whopping 37 years old? Yep! How many Hollywood types can look that good at 37 these days? Not many! Most start getting those crease implants and lip fillers and all that freak stuff.

As a side note though, Honor Blackman did succumb to facelifts, as evidenced by her freakish looks in a Midsomer Murders episode she was in. That's not the point though. Honor was quite sexy in Goldfinger and being pushed out over Grace Jones is an atrocity.

On this day... in 1881 Picasso is born, in 1944 the first kamikaze attack was made, in 1774 Congress sends a list of grievances to the King.

Isn't it time that we send a list of grievances to Congress and the President? They no longer represent us. They have confused ruling over us with government. It's time to make it clear.

Now on to Frankenstein. The double feature included the 1931 version of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein in 1935. As a child, I believe I saw a small bit of the Bride. I remember that I cried and felt so bad for him. After that, I never saw either again.

I love classic film. At first it was a genre thing and to some extent, it still is. I love film noir and if I was forced to sit in a chair and watch movies over and over and over again, I'd ask for noir. However I've become more and more interested in classic film. Perhaps it's because I've learned a little bit about it. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older. Whatever the cause, I now like to see landmark films and even classic B movies.

When I heard about the Frankenstein event, I knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My husband went and watched it too, so the notes below are a copy of what I sent him. I sort of was not looking forward to it, but in the end, I was delighted with both films. What great movies they were!

The experience reminds me of Metropolis. It wasn't something I was actually looking forward to, but when done I was in absolute awe.

In any case, here are my random notes in, you guessed, random order. It's how I think, okay?!
  • I had no idea that Dr. Frankenstein was a hottie. Yowzah!
  • I wonder why the actress that played future Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein didn't repeat her role.
  • While I'm on the subject of her, in the first film, there were few (if any) who wore period clothing. In the second film, only the female lead didn't wear period clothing. Why was that, I wonder?
  • I've seen photos of the Bride of Frankenstein and I've even seen clips. That said, it wasn't until intermission - when I was sitting in the seat, watching the time-left minutes tick by on the screen along with the photo of the Bride - that it occurred to me who that woman was! I've seen her in a bazillion things! I can't believe I never recognized her until that moment.
  • I thought Igor was Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, but I guess not.
  • I loved the chat at the beginning. It was odd though how Karloff's daughter kept disagreeing with Lugosi's son. If he had said the grass was green, then she would have said it was blue.
  • It was a lot shorter than I expected. I knew it wasn't long, but I still thought I'd get out later than I did.
  • The audience was good tonight. It was like The Birds, but I think more people showed up. There were a lot of kids in their 20s, people in their 30s and 40s then some elderly. It was impressive.
  • I caught distinct giggles BEFORE the actors actually said the words, so there were a lot of fans there. That happened in The Birds too.
  • Did you notice the odd effect when Frankenstein killed the murdering assistant [Karl, I think] in the Bride movie? When monster went chasing him on the roof, they were transparent.
  • This time, our theater dimmed the lights for the chat. I'm disappointed that they have waited until now to do that.
Well everyone, that's it for today! May God bless you all.

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