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Today's Rambles 26 Oct 2012

Good morning everyone! Let's have a great weekend. I think, this should be named the Great Weekend of 2012. Why? Why not?

Well we'll start with the wrong date I have posted above. lol! Because it's so bizarre, I'm leaving it, thank you very much.

Today's music selection is "The Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. I don't know why, but I've been humming it all morning and so it goes here.

CALLING ALL CLASSIC FILM LOVERS!!! You know, we need a place to congregate. Over at the TCM forum there is a thread (read it here) which asks who you watch the movies with. There are a lot of lonely classic film lovers out there, myself included. My husband will watch the occasional one, but not on a routine basis and besides, he's in California (I miss him so much!). We need to band together somehow.

In any case, if you love classic film, then please join the TCM community (no, I'm not tied to it in any way, shape or form, except being a fan). My profiles are there (yes, plural, more on that in a moment) and once you join, you are more than welcome to friend me! This is the link to my Fan Union page and this is the link to my Forum Page.

I'm not really sure why there are two separate profiles. That's rather annoying.

Don't you find it amusing that Alex Band's voice (the lead singer in The Calling and of the song "Wherever You Will Go") is so large and deep, for such a little guy?

Reader's Digest had an interesting article on foods that will be on sale this season. I've not checked to see if it's accurate though.

At first, I was SO impressed with Amazon. Today's Kindle Daily Deal are a bunch of Christian fiction books. I'm not sure what spawned it, was all ready to thank Amazon for remembering that Christians are customers too. I went to go buy a few then all of a sudden I noticed something. The original Daily Deal page says today's deal covers 22 of her books. I should hardly call $9.99 a Kindle Deal! What's up with that?

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I sent an email to Amazon and here is what I said:
This isn't a question, so much as it is a complaint. Your so-called Kindle Daily Deal is no deal. I should hardly think that books that are $9.99 are a deal. I find it heartbreaking too that you would do this with Christian books. At first, I was so impressed that you would offer Christian fiction as a daily deal, until I realized that it was no deal at all.

I hate to say it, but I felt spit on by you. All your other Kindle Daily Deals are fairly priced, but when it comes to Christians, we must pay more than others do for their books.

Now if you had left it at the one Bailey Flanigan series (which is $1.99), that would have been entirely different. You didn't though. You lied right to our faces.

Shame on you Amazon. I am a faithful customer (yes, I complain, but I always come back; it's like family) but I have never had my feelings hurt by you Amazon. This one hurt.
I expect that I'll get a standard email saying something about how they understand I was upset about the price and they hope that in the future I'll be happy or whatever. It won't take away what they did today.

Speaking of Amazon.... lately, (owned by Amazon) has sucked. It's the same crap merchandise over and over and over again. We need things that are fresh.

There was an accident today on the freeway and the article is sad, but shocking all the same. I couldn't help it, I had to comment.
Stopped or not, shouldn't the driver behind him have been far enough back to NOT slam into him? Isn't that the first rule of driving? I don't think I understand this.

At the time of this writing, it says [oops, had an error there, damn it I hate it when that happens!] that authorities don't know if narcotics was involved, they don't know why he stopped, but they do know they're blaming him. How does that make any sense?

The "arrest now, figure it all out later" policy is not what the law is supposed to be about.
That case smells bad to me. Lately, Mobile County has been aggressively arresting and charging people that shouldn't have been charged. Take the Mobile County Assistant District Attorney who was arrested. That was ridiculously stupid.

Foxnews Magazine has put out an excellent article on who is supporting Romney. They saved the best for last. I would so marry Kelsey Grammer or Robert Duvall, no matter how old they are!

While I'm on that subject though, doesn't that picture of Ted Nugent (from the side) look like Jack Nicholson? At first, that's who I thought it was. Oh and I think we could have done without Jenna Jameson's endorsement. Her "reason" is very selfish and not the right reason.

Okay, here's your weird error of the day. I took a screen cap of it so we can all see it loud and clear. The headline on the front page says "Home Decoration for Less". The irony is that whomever put that on the front page, didn't actually read the article. The article's actual title is "Budgeting to Decorate a New House". That sounds similar, doesn't it? However, they are talking about actually making cost estimates for a budget, not how to do it cheaply.

As much as I love Foxnews, they do make little annoying errors that way. I mean, we all know that they are more busy than any of the other networks because they do actual fact checking, but small mistakes should still be avoided, no matter how busy they are.

On this day...
... in 1659 Quakers were executed for their beliefs (despite that they came here to escape English persecution).
... in 1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born.
... in 1904 the NYC subway opened (I wonder who the first person was to pee or vomit in it?).
... in 1940 John Gotti was born.

Oh and yes, that's a new format. I like it better. I'm a visual person and like things neat and tidy.

Now, imagine, for a moment, if the English had succeeded in exterminating all Quakers. Susan B. Anthony wouldn't have gotten women the right to vote, Kentucky wouldn't have had Daniel Boone, girls of the 1950s wouldn't have had a sex symbol via James Dean, the Wild West shows would have been a bit boring without Annie Oakley, Joseph Lister wouldn't have given us Listerine, the [Herbert] Hoover dam wouldn't exist and on and on.

Sure, events would have happened eventually, but they would be much later. Extermination is not only a war crime and a human rights violation. We all know about that. The biggest part of that is the hindrance of innovation.

So is anyone surprised at all that Obama and his cronies lied about the events of the Benghazi attacks? Seriously, anyone at all? Didn't think so!

Anyway, everyone have a great day and hopefully I'll see you over at TCM!

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