Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google Annoyances

You know, I really do love Google. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I'm a serious user of all their services, well most anyway. I also go around like an evangelist trying to convert people into using Google services as well. For the most part I'm successful too!

That said, Google is far from perfection or it's probably better said that Google is closest to perfection than any other service, in my opinion. Microsoft sucks, period. Still though, Google has a few things that need fixing and I was reminded of this today when I read this post over at Lifehacker.

My comment is posted there and I'll post it here. However I'll add too it as I notice things.

I have a long list myself, some of which have already been mentioned [at Lifehacker] but are worth mentioning again. Some are not bugs, but annoyances all the same. These are in no particular order.
  • Search settings need to be an Account setting and not cookie based. Why oh why must I constantly remind Google that I only want English and 100 results? I shouldn't have to do this, EVER.
  • Labels should be integrated across all services. In the event that I'm looking for one label for one service, I could search for public (or even my own private) labels using:
    • service:blogger label:stupidity user:magnoliasouth.
  • Labels should be called labels throughout all services as well. It's SUCH an annoyance to remember what the name of them are for different services. Gmail=labels, Reader=tags, etc.
  • Why oh why can I not search in Reader, Blogger, etc., for combined labels? Google is the search engine giant, right? They can do it in Gmail, right? Why then are they lagging in search capabilities in Reader, Blogger et al?
  • Let us pick the order of Google services at the top left.
  • Google Reader needs to seriously overhaul its tag editing. What a pain in the neck! It makes it next to impossible. They should follow Diigo's lead on that one.
  • Google Reader also needs to get rid of the infinite scrollbar under Feed Settings where tags are concerned. That is so 90's!
I could think of more but these are the few just off the top of my head.  Post comment note, additional annoyances will be listed below. It'll be interesting to see what gets fixed, if any and when.
  • Blogger needs some HTML and composing in RTF improvement. For example, above where I'm writing the indented italicized text, "service:blogger label:stupidity user:magnoliasouth" it keeps separating into paragraphs and I'm constantly trying to tell it not to do that.

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