Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why Amazon Sucks Part II

Last night I posted my frustration with Amazon. Now there is one thing about me that only my closest friends know. I cannot be quiet when it comes to annoyances on websites. I suppose I'm a good beta tester. I have tons of feedback just waiting to be given.

Naturally, I contacted Amazon last night. Also naturally, I got a simple form letter back. The following is a quote from them.

I'm sorry to hear that three titles for $15.49 and one for $11.49 is listed "Under $10" in website promotion page.

We use many sources to build our website information, and we really appreciate knowing about any errors which find their way into our catalog. I'll notify our catalog team about this and will ask them to correct the error.

Please know that we value your opinion and will continue to listen and respond to our customers' concerns.

It is because of customer comments like yours that we...
Yeah, blah, blah, blah. All they do is copy/paste some of what I said into their form letter and send it off.

In any case, at least they mentioned my complaint, which most do NOT do. That's something anyway.

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