Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep the Government OUT of Your Garage Sale

Have you heard that if you happen to sell an item that has been recalled or no longer meets government standards, they can fine you? Have you heard for how much?!


I'm not kidding. This is a serious. If someone you know has died... Um, oops. I lapsed into that ambulance chaser commercial for Duragesic patches.
I mean, the funny part is this what the company says at their site.
Mark & Associates Attorneys is considered to be one of the most respected and fastest growing law firms...
That sounds reasonable enough, right? Until you finish the sentence.
... in Tanzania.
[See it for yourself.]
 Tanzania?! I mean what the??? Shouldn't attorneys from other countries be banned from advertising in the US?

But I digress...

This really is serious about the new law, that is. Now lower income families will have no chance on getting cool toys ever. Why you ask? Because how many parents know for absolute 100% certain that their old toys fall into the "it's okay to sell" category? Probably very few, if any at all. What about toy collectors? How can they safely sell antique toys?

This is an intrusion into society as a whole. I can understand corporations being imposed upon for selling anything like that, but consumers?!

Get real.

Write your representatives today and let them know how you feel!

Handbook on the new law. [pdf]
Legislation and amendments on the law. [html]

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