Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now for a word on Annie Le

I am very saddened and dismayed by the horrifying news on this poor girl. My heart, thoughts and prayers reach out for her family and friends. I cannot imagine the devastation they must be feeling.

I began following the news on Miss Le for a variety of reasons. I would like to say that it was the tragedy alone which struck me, but sadly this is not the case. This is a world where tragedy occurs many times per day, and while this is unfortunate, we become immune to it unless it affects us directly.

What did strike me though were the odd circumstances behind her disappearance. How could someone enter a building, with a whopping 75 cameras, and just vanish into thin air? It seems impossible! Yet is surely did happen. Days passed and still there was no finding her. I began to think that the person behind it was a Yale genius, even if the person was obviously psychopathic as well.

Then we find out that the murderer was not a genius after all, it was simply that the police force were bumbling idiots. It seems beyond comprehension that with all the police agencies involved, no one was able to find her STILL in the freaking building! How is that possible? Each agency has cadaver dogs, right? How is it that it took them five very long days to find her? Talk about imbeciles!

I can only hope that the police knew about the body from day one and only managed to keep it from the press all that time. On the other hand, why make friends and family suffer that long if the body was known to be found? I would hope that IF the police did find her in a more timely fashion, they notified her family. However like in many tragedies, there are more people affected than just family. Students make classroom friends and outside classroom acquaintances and those folks may not be as close as her family, but they still will grieve for her and the circumstances behind what happened to her. To make them worry about not finding her is an outrage to be sure.

So even if the police did know, they still bungled the entire situation. This would include the Yale staff too.

Speaking of the Yale staff, I have a bone to pick with them. How dare them accuse Fox News of alarming readers for no reason. If the Yale staff had a brain at all, and you would think since it was Yale that they would have one but evidently this is a bad assumption, they would realize that nearly EVERY news agency was also reporting that the professor who canceled class was being questioned. Give me a freaking break you Yale idiots! You have to admit that it does seem queer that at about the same time Miss Le disappeared, you had a professor (who was her professor no less) canceled the class Miss Le was scheduled for. If you say it doesn't seem odd to you? Then you are a liar and are only trying to justify your abdominal behavior.

How dare the Yale staff politicize a murder! What kind of animals are in charge of that place? I say unto the world, refrain from applying to Yale. Choose Harvard instead.

As for the family, I would be all over the police department demanding an explanation into the reason behind the delay in finding the body, that we all knew was in the building all along.

I hope they can find peace in the near future, if ever.

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