Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pet peeve #1: People who don't want options in case they don't want the option.

I've seen it posted hundreds of times on the web, in mailing lists and elsewhere. Someone asks for a new option to a piece of software, or website or whatever, and someone says "but I don't want that option!"

WHY? If you don't like the option then turn it off. That's why it's an OPTION.

Consider this scenario...
Greasemonkey is an addon for Firefox. GM users can select scripts based on what they do. GM scripts are in effect, addons for GM. One thing GM doesn't do, which is incredibly annoying, is check for updates of the scripts that users have added. You can get an email from GM when unpates have been loaded, but it doesn't auto download the new script and you can't download all scripts at once either. You can only do it one at a time.

So there was a thread of users who were discussing this VERY serious annoyance and along comes a user who thinks because it may conflict for a very few people, no one should have it.
One problem for auto-updating userscripts that I can see is for scripts that are modified by the end-user. Now, suffice it to say that many users of Greasemonkey don't have any wish or need to modify their scripts, but some of us do so.
So what?! The idea behind this is to have it as an option. If you don't like the option then turn the option OFF.

I get so annoyed with people like this one.

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