Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Search Warrant Served in Annie Le Case

Earlier I posted a few thoughts on the Annie Le case, and now I have more to share.

I really felt that the police were bungling this investigation, and now I have proof.
Investigators didn't lock down the building until the weekend, meaning that people walked around and possibly through the potential crime scene for four days.

Investigators had attempted to bring a cadaver dog into the building earlier in the week, but because of the large number of animals in the laboratory, the dogs were unable to do a thorough search.

That second paragraph is the police talking. I know reporters have a job to do and they report the news as they learn about it, but clearly this was the excuse given to them. If that were true, then how come the cadaver dogs DID find the body in the end?
It wasn't until five days after her disappearance that members of the state police crime squad, with the assistance of a cadaver dog, discovered her fully clothed body. She was wearing the same clothes seen in a video of her entering the building last week, a source said.

Okay, so the dog can or cannot find the body? That is my question for the police. It's either one or the other. The dogs don't just say, "Know what? I'm taking the day off!"

Then of course the obvious question is why oh why did they wait for four days to block off the building? They KNEW she never left the building. They had 75 freaking cameras telling them that she never left the building! Do I need to drive myself up there and set these people straight?!

While I believe they are probably correct in believing Raymond Clark to be a "person of interest" I cannot fathom why the police named his actual name in the most recent press conference, while blithely insisting that he isn't a suspect. Obviously they learned nothing of their constituents mistakes in the embarrassing Richard Jewell blunder.

The more I read about this case, the more outrage I feel. Poor, POOR Annie. It is just too bad that she selected Yale. She was attending a university full of politicizing employees, then manages to get herself killed in the jurisdiction of a bunch of derelicts. It's just shameful all the way around.

I just wish this had never happened, and not just to Annie, but to anyone who has been affected. This is tragic, indeed.

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